Psychomagie, a philosophy

Traditional methods, esoteric and hermetic traditions combined with our modern views, can enable anyone to discover new ways for his or her existence to stand the test of reality

If a problem occur, it is not one thing causing unbalance but the whole system trying to adjust. By seeing ourselves as a complete entity, it is much easier to pinpoint the root of a problem, removing the cause instead of suppressing the symptoms.

In many ways, we can feel “stuck” within the conditions of our existence, without possibilities to adjust external conditions. Changing one’s life’s approach is to change external conditions, it is also a key feature of the ‘natural self’ or ‘psychomagie’. It is the empowering of individuals to use their own potential. It’s not a secret but rather a realisation to ourselves, something anybody can do, yet very few believe in.

External factors are the manifestation of our inner workings. Inner and outer life mirror each other : we attract and are attracted to.

In our life, we have several level of input, yet, it’s not about control but more about growth and forward thinking. The external conditions are not defining us but we ought to define what we want to surround ourselves with.

Psychomagie can be used for :

  • Discomfort with oneself,
  • Feeling disconnected from life
  • Feeling of helplessness against life conditions
  • Looking for (new) meaning in your existence
  • Major change in situation ( Surgery, accident, having to live abroad )
  • Loss or separation
  • Pathologic or compulsive behaviours, changing destructive pattern :” health, thinking, doing”
  • Want to know yourself

How can Psychomagie help ?

The base line is : “to reconnect with our-selves”.
By acknowledging that life is made of myriad of energies, gross and subtle, we can change ourselves and outcomes. Watching consciously those energies in our body and mind enables us to achieve what would otherwise seem impossible.

By using many discipline, analysing many different energies manifested in life, it is possible to find very practical solutions to achieve reconnection with true purpose and happiness :

Destiny is not a fixed like a dead end, everybody has free will. It is possible to choose outcomes within the scope of our knowledge. Fate, destiny and free will, are the cornerstones of life and are equally balanced. Initiating and confidence are the equal correspondences to the necessity of fate, it is a pledge to love and life, the bond the universe entrust each and everyone.

Life Coaching

Inside out.

Only when acknowledging individuality can we give meaning to our life. Seeing yourself as truly unique is the beginning of personal growth. Life is not happening randomly but there is a greater meaning to life’s occurrence. It is truly unique to each and everyone.
To break the endless cycle of life and death, the Buddhist wheel of reincarnation, means simply to elevate ourselves to the higher purpose of our existence, experiencing joy and happiness without limitation.

The method :

Life coaching is a series of 5 session in which we meet, speak and increment a solution for the needed changes.
The sessions are spread over 3 months.
We all have free-will to the extend of our knowledge. The direction and changes we wish to bring forth in life are unique to each and everyone. Life coaching mediate a way to enhance the qualities you wish to develop.

1) The first session is horoscope reading, it takes around 3 hours to discuss my findings. To get directions and precise indication over the challenges. We discuss what you are experiencing as struggle and what you desire to change. At the beginning of the session you can write down your issues and by the end of  the session we can see what we covered, and what issues are left open.

2) The second session, two weeks later, takes about two hours. We will discuss your own discovery since the first session, what was easy and difficult. We then analyse your name and birthdate with the Tarot de Marseille, to identify the energies already manifested in your life, part of your work material. We also discuss the methods that you find most suited to stimulate your changes like diet, life rhythm, health issues, if needed. You are provided with a list of flower essences in conjunction with your horoscope.

3, 4, 5) Furthermore, I use the Tarot de Marseille, over 3 sessions of one hour to help the needed changes, to get a better perspective and direction toward goals. We meet every three weeks.
This help to improve the effect of changes and it effectively gauge the state of change. It gives a larger and dynamic picture of the energies manifested in your life, the energies you can work with.

I also like to recommend Bouwentherapie to help the reconnection with subtle energies in the body, ourselves, easing the mind.

There are so many possible therapies to enable easier step toward change, they all connect to universal archetype, some examples:

Primal scream, Cranial osteopathy, Martial arts, Shiatsu, Chanting, Logotherapy, Silva mind control, Psychotherapy, Drama, psychodrama, Chiropractic, Self-esteem work, all forms of creative expression, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical medicine, Acupuncture, Co-counselling, Sex therapy, Jungian therapy, Colonic irrigation, Yoga, Meditation, Religious practice, Self-reflection, Group therapy, Homeopathy.

This is not a magical theme park : – “I believe in Unicorns and I want to be free”
It is a working method, this takes time, effort and will lead to very tangible changes, staying for good.
It is called a process, or a transition.
Life is a series of cycle, by working the present cycle consciously, we shape the next cycle, the future.

Thank you for your reading.
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