Name analyse

The symbolic in your name.

Using the convergence table it is possible to analyse names and birthdate, to find your core numbers. The analyse can be used for individuals as well as for businesses, anything that is uniquely named. For businesses, the day of registration to the chamber of commerce is used as a birthdate. (also possible the first opening day)

The core numbers represent the energy and forces manifested in your life. Those forces are not always obvious while reading a natal horoscope. In a way, the natal chart is a passive baseline and the Tarot reflects the more active side of life, something a chart progression cannot do. Names have a special resonance or place within reality. The Tarot is called esoteric science because it unveil the invisible factors from within, the dynamics of existence.

Life Path and Shadow Teacher numbers.

The first number relevant to the analyse is the Life Path number.
This number is calculated by adding the birth day + month + Year.
Chloe Morgan.Com was registered to the chamber of commerce the 6 June 2016.

( 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9 | 9 + 6 = 15 | 15 + 6 = 21 )
21 correspond to Pisces (universal oneness) and the twelve house (spirituality), ruled by Neptune (psychic attunement, esoterism), a very spiritual energy.
I registered to the chamber of commerce without consulting the Tarot first, but nonetheless the forces behind my intentions did manifest truly within the scope of my desires. This illustrate very well how the universe is working. Though the question is always asked, what do you really intend to manifest, what do your truly desire?.

The point being, sometime we honestly believe we want to manifest something but we unconsciously sabotage ourselves with other desires, manifesting not so desirable conditions. ‘To know thyself’.

The core numbers are :

  • Life Path – Birthdate
  • The Shadow Teacher – In the life path, a hidden factor
  • Destiny Number – All the letters of a name
  • Soul Longing Number – All the vowel of a name
  • Personality Number – All the consonant of a name

The core numbers are the representation of your desires, known and unknown to you. They will represent the real manifestation, on the material plane, of your true intent. I studied naming for a very long time. Changing name will change life’s condition around it. Naming what you care about has great impact, specially with people and businesses, thread carefully.

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