All sessions and readings are possible with a ‘live’ meeting if you live in the Netherlands, through Skype, or through phone call.

Astrology Reading pricing

Life Coaching

Tarot de Marseille Reading/divination pricing

Name analyse with Tarot de Marseille


It takes about 6 hours, sometime more, to analyse and write a horoscope. It’s about 12 to 15 pages. For the reading, I need a session of 2 hours to discuss the client’s chart. The client can choose to see each other ‘live’ or, to Skype our session. I always make an audio recording of the session. Afterwards an email is sent to the client with the audio recording, the radix and the written files (Microsoft word). Eventually +€ 30 per extra stand-alone in conjunction with a full horoscope.

It is also possible to order some stand-alone Readings:


  • Professional Reading, € 60 –

Using Mars sign/house/aspects, Saturn sign/house/aspects, Jupiter/house/aspects, Midheaven, the 10th House, Moon nodal axis. (Venus can be a significant)


  • Artistic Reading, € 60 –

Using Moon sign/house/aspects, Venus sign/house/aspects, Neptune/house/aspects, the 5th & 12th House, Moon nodal axis. (Jupiter and the sun can be significant)


  • Synastry,

The Synastry is an extensive search around both life purpose and practical ways to combine both energies. A comparative study is made of houses and planets angles, using :
– For women : Venus/signs/house/aspects, Moon/signs/house/aspects, Descendant, the 2nd & 7th House, the nodal Moon axis, Lilith and Neptune
– For men : Mars/signs/house/aspects, Moon & Sun/signs/house/aspects, Ascendant, the 7th & 11th House, the nodal Moon axis, Cheiron and Saturn

All Readings are written in Microsoft Words, all aspects patterns are sought out and taken into account holistically within the horoscope , uniquely tailored. Anyone is true constellation in its own right.

Please send me your inquiry at

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